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TagsforHope are the most beautiful, fun and effective way to keep your pets safe. TagsForHope are created by a family owned business founded in 2014 by two brothers who shared their love for dogs & cats ever since they can remember. After volunteering as dog walkers for 3 years in a local shelter and eventually rescuing a beautiful Australian Shepherd mix named Abbi they knew there had to be something they could do to help the animals.

After months of countless brainstorming, sketching and debating, they finally came upon a fun idea to create pet tags that look like their owners driver's license. After creating their first prototype and showing their family and friends, they knew they are on to something very special. Not only was the tag practical and effective, but it also generated an unexpected amount of conversations, laughter and fun! The TagsforHope Pet ID Tag was born.

Since then they have dedicated all their time and effort in creating the most effective, most durable and the safest pet tag on the market. The response they got since then is fantastic, the thrill of helping so many pets stay safe is truly amazing. This is what keeps driving our company forward.

Abbi with treat

Abbi our Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler rescue patiently modeling the first ever tag prototype. She was rewarded handsomely for her efforts (treat on her snout).

Things that matter to us

At TagsforHope we believe in creating an unforgettable experience for our customers and their pets. This is why you will find the tags beautifully packaged with care and an added personal touch. Our dedicated customer support team answers your inquries within 3 minutes of sending your email. Our warranty ensures this is the last pet tag you ever buy. And our elegant products provide you with an experience of fun, laughter and ease of mind. We believe that our customers are the most important asset we have and we are dedicated to delivering a service that you will not forget any time soon.

"Ultimately we want to help you strengthen the bond between you and your pet."

woman and her dog bonding