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is to Feed, Treat and Rescue Animals in Need.
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TagsforHope works with non-profit animal shelters and rescue groups to bring hope and help to countless animals in need.

For every purchase you make, not only are you ensuring your own pet's safety, but you are also helping feed, treat and rescue an animal. With your help, TagsforHope is able to raise the necessary funds every month to help bring hope and care to countless dogs & cats.

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Heart of the Valley logo

Heart of the Valley

Bozeman, MT

Heart of the Valley, Inc. (HOV) is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit animal shelter located in Bozeman and serving the Gallatin and Madison valleys. Our primary service territory encompasses the area between West Yellowstone, Three Forks and Livingston. HOV also has contracts to serve as an impound facility for animal control officers for Gallatin County, City of Bozeman, City of Belgrade and the Town of Manhattan. HOV handles more than 2,500 cats and dogs every year. The average daily census in the summer is about 290 animals (200 cats, 90 dogs). The average daily census in the winter is about 195 animals (130 cats, 65 dogs). HOV has an open door policy and does not euthanize for space or length of time. Being an “open door” shelter means that HOV accepts any lost, abandoned or surrendered companion animals (cats or dogs) from anywhere. The animals arrive at HOV for all sorts of reasons and in every imaginable condition. No matter the circumstance or condition, HOV accepts them. All incoming animals are given both a medical and behavioral evaluation. If they are deemed adoptable with reasonable medical and/or behavioral treatment, then they are held until they are adopted. If they are deemed unadoptable, then they are humanely euthanized. Animals are re-evaluated regularly to ensure that they remain adoptable and are maintaining a reasonable quality of life. Animals are never euthanized at HOV after an arbitrary number of days or for space. As important as re-homing is, HOV also takes seriously its obligation to the community to ensure it does not send out animals that are sick or a danger to the community. Nobody wants to live near an aggressive dog that might bite a child or kill another dog or cat. HOV is committed to the concept that every animal that leaves HOV for a new home must be an ambassador, not a liability, for other homeless animals waiting in shelters to be adopted.
Big Dog Ranch Rescue logo

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Wellington, FL

Mission: Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR) is a leader in the national animal welfare movement, through compassionate, innovative rescue practices and transformative educational programs. Our goal is to give the gift of life to as many dogs as humanely possible, enrich the lives of those who adopt them and in doing so help to create a better world. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is associated with the Florida Weimaraner Rescue, Inc. and is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Overview of our organization: Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR) is the largest no-kill shelter for dogs in the Southeast. Each day, we rescue dogs and puppies from overcrowded shelters, save stray dogs, and help owners who are no longer able to care for their dogs. We began as the Florida Weimaraner Rescue over ten years ago, and in 2008 we expanded to rescue all breeds. We are a growing organization, with almost 2,000 dogs cared for and adopted annually. Our current space has been a significant challenge to future expansion that is critical to our mission. This winter, we will break ground on a 33-acre cage-free campus where dogs will have space to roam, play, and grow. This new campus will allow us to increase intakes and raise awareness of shelter animals through innovative programs, education and partnerships. It is designed to have everything dogs need to be happy and healthy. A dedicated veterinary team will provide medical treatment, spay and neutering services, and provide help for injured and ill dogs and those with pre-existing medical conditions. BDRR reaches the hearts of many all including over 600 volunteers annually. Many of our volunteers return week after week to help with feeding, walking and caring for the dogs. The support of our funders insures that every BDRR dog will find his forever family and every family will receive the tools they need to care for their new best friend.
Adopt4Love Pets, Inc. logo

Adopt4Love Pets, Inc.

Carthage, NC

Adopt4Love Pets Inc., is a "NO KILL" 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization as defined by the IRS. All donations are tax deductible. We depend solely on private donations and grants to fund our rescue efforts, with 100% of every donation used to help the animals in our care. We have no paid staff at Adopt4Love Pets, Inc.; as volunteers, we donate our time and energy to improve the lives of these animals, helping them find forever homes. If you would like to support our efforts, you can donate through PayPal or purchase one of the items listed on our Amazon wishlist. The links to both PayPal and the Amazon wishlist are located on the right side of each website page. You can also send a check or money order, made payable to Adopt4Love Pets, Inc., and mailed to 978 Shaw Road, Carthage, NC 28327. All donations, large and small, are greatly appreciated! As the saying goes, every little bit helps... in our efforts to save lives. (NOTE: We can always use old sheets and towels, so remember us if you are cleaning out your linen closet!) Many people ask how animals come to be in our care. We rescue from various kill shelters. We also rescue from individuals and deploying military personnel, providing them an alternative to surrendering their beloved pet to a kill shelter. We primarily rescue Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, and other small breed terriers. Statistics have revealed that, nationwide, Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas are the two most frequently euthanized breeds at county shelters. We do not maintain a shelter. Our dogs are placed with foster families while awaiting a permanent home. While the public can meet our dogs at local adoption events, only approved adoption applicants may visit our dogs at their foster homes. We carefully screen all applicants and make a home visit, ensuring that each dog is placed in a loving environment with the right adopting family. We are always in need of good fosters. If you would like to become a foster home for our organization, please contact us for a Foster Application or visit the Adoptable Dogs section of our website. You can download the Application, identifying the dog you wish to foster.
RUFF Rescue/aka Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends logo

RUFF Rescue/aka Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends

Graceville, FL

Ruff is a non profit no kill dog rescue shelter. Since year 2004, we have adopted over 2400 dogs that are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, up to date on shots and potty trained. Our hope is that people will spay/neuter their pets to prevent unwanted pups who eventually end up in a kill shelter. We ask that people always keep identification on their pets at all times and not use the excuse that their id was taken off just to give a bath and we suggest that the id be put back on the pet even while the pet is still wet before you take the pet out of the room from the bath because they feel "great" after a bath and they are ready to run outside quickly so that ID is usually the only way a precious lost pet can get back home. We do what we can to educate people (especially children) on respecting animals and treating them with dignity. It is amazing how you can sit down with children and tell them things about dogs that they do not know and how well it is accepted. We teach things like: (1) did you know that dogs cannot eat chocolate as it can kill them (2) did you know that dogs are unable to talk with you but they tell you things with their eyes and their actions such as tummy aches, fever, or if they are shaking... it doesn't necessarily mean that they are cold but in pain (3) did you know that trees can kill your dog such as sago palms if they eat on them, (4) did you know that if your dog gets away from you and you find him across the roald from you.... you do not call him but instead YOU cross the road too before you call him so he won't run into the road to come to you and get hit by a vehicle (5) did you know you do not change a dog's food once he is on a specific kind of food without slowly changing the food by mixing 50/50 the old type with the new type for 4 days and then mix it 75% new food / and 25% old food for 4 days and then you can go 100% new food (6) did you know that male dogs can get prostate cancer if they are not neutered (7) did you know that dogs need a quality flea preventative every month along with a heartworm preventative every month (8) did you know that if a dog eats a dead mouse that died from poison, the dog can die too (9) did you know that you need to make sure your dog is in your home when people are using fireworks so they won't be frightened to the point of running away as they are terrified of fireworks just like thunder (10) did you know that dogs love, feel, hurt and bleed just like people and since they cannot speak, they need you to make sure they aren't in pain or hurt (11) never ever ever leave a dog inside a vehicle at any time but instead leave them at home. They truly do not care about going to the store with you. We truly love these wonderful companions and want them to have a beautiful wonderful life.... because they deserve a loving beautiful "rest of their lives".
BARCs Rescue logo

BARCs Rescue

Calgary, AB

We are a No-Kill Organization based in Calgary Alberta Canada. We are committed to educating the public and ensuring Calgary and other areas remain Responsible and free of BSL. We rescue dogs who are on death row at high kill shelters with the ultimate goal of placing them in loving, permanent homes. We advocate for dogs who are on death row solely due to the way they look. Recognizing that every dog deserves a chance, BARCS will not discriminate on the basis of age, health or breed. We will dedicate every resource at our disposal to the physical, emotional and behavioral rehabilitation of each animal that we rescue. We Are Non Profit Registered - Non profit # 838854-7 Bonerz Advocacy and Rescue Center Our Vision Our vision is of a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life & away from the threat of Breed Specified Legislation - because of how they look. We aim to achieve this vision by: - Promoting good animal welfare and responsible pet ownership by providing support, guidance and education to members of the public. - Working with many organizations to help animals, whoever and wherever the need is. - Providing the best possible care for all animals. - Setting standards of animal welfare in Canada, the USA and beyond. Our Values: - We strive to end the suffering of companion animals everywhere - We aim to find the right home for every animal in our care and will not quit until every animal is placed. - We endeavour to support anyone who needs help in caring for their pets. Life happens and we understand. - We believe the emotional and physical well-being of every animal we look after is paramount and is our first consideration. - We value our volunteers, supporters, and our partners. We know without you, there would be no "us". - We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and dedicated in every aspect of our work. We seek to work in partnership with those who share our vision.
German shepherd rescue of Orange County logo

German shepherd rescue of Orange County

Fullerton, CA

GSROC is a volunteer-driven organization, funded entirely by private donations and no government support. Dogs for adoption are housed in foster home situations and in private boarding facilities. Approximately 50% of the dogs that we rescue come to us directly from owner turn ins for one reason or another. The number one reason that we receive dogs is “Moving,” with the number two reason of “No time for” as a close second and alot of "we just had a baby". Dogs also come to us when owners become ill or hospitalized, when owners pass away, when families lose their homes or lifestyles change. The other 50% of the dogs in our care are plucked from public animal shelters throughout Southern California when no owner comes to claim them, when they are no longer wanted, or are the victims of various physical traumas, sometimes minor other times very severe. We race to save as many of these dogs into our care as we can, however limited space and resources constantly make our task difficult. But, no matter the issue, we never give up on one of our own until everyone has a good home, here's what we believe....(written by a volunteer) Rescue Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benji and Toto don't show up in Rescue. We don't get the perfectly groomed, classically beautiful, completely trained, able to do tricks, perfectly behaved dog. We get the leftovers. Dogs that other people have incompetently bred, abandoned, inadequately socialized, ineffectively "trained," and badly treated, even mistreated. Most Rescue dogs have had it. They've been pushed from one lousy situation to another. They've rarely had proper veterinary care, kind and consistent training, or sufficient company. They've lived outside, in a crate, tied up or in the basement. They're scared, depressed and anxious. Some are angry. Some are sick. Some have given up. But we are Rescue and we don't give up. We never give up on a dog or any other animal. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. No animal is. They are part of sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as the next Westminster champion. So please, don't come to Rescue in the hopes of getting a "bargain," or, actually, of "getting" anything. Come to Rescue to give, to love, to save a life.... Rescue will reward you in ways you never thought possible. I can promise you this... a rescue dog will make you a better person.
Florida Research Institute for Equine Nurturing, Development & Safety logo

Florida Research Institute for Equine Nurturing, Development & Safety

Fort Lauderdale, FL

We are a nonprofit 501 (c)3 Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Broward County, Florida. We are the oldest & largest horse rescue in Broward County and have been since 1987. Currently we have 43 horses, 10 pot bellied pigs, 2 farm pigs, 2 miniature donkeys, 2 goats and a cat. Our weekly feed bill runs $ 2500. to $3,000.00 per WEEK. Our IRS Tax ID number is 59-2825751. Our mission and vision is to provide a permanent safe haven for all horses that are asymptomatic carriers of Equine Infectious Anemia within the state of Florida as well as for any horse in immediate need of assistance in Broward County thus preventing their needless destruction. Our primary financial goal is to acquire sustainable funding to provide these noble animals with the dignity of allowing them to live out their lives with their needs met, while providing the proper care and loving interaction they deserve. It is our moral position that we must continue to advocate for and participate in ongoing research to find a cure, a vaccine or aide in creating more accurate testing. It is also our intention to factually educate the public regarding EIA thus allowing us to dispel the myths and misconceptions that lead owners to think their only legal alternative is to euthanize their horse. As our ethical obligation to the surrounding communities, we will continue to give back to them in a worthwhile and enriching way by maintaining and enhancing our many programs that benefit local families and organizations thereby positively impacting the entire community.
Finding Them Homes - James Bay Pawsitive Rescue logo

Finding Them Homes - James Bay Pawsitive Rescue

Barrie, ON

While Finding Them Homes-James Bay Pawsitive Rescue recently celebrated the 1,100th adoption in its short history, it had an almost accidental beginning. In September 2012, Sara Feero, a resident of Moosonee, Ontario learned that the deadline for two puppies (Patches and Willow) to find a home was near, and as is so often the case in communities with no veterinary care and few options for stray dogs, would be euthanized. Sara contacted a friend, Brenda Mueller, and together they decided to foster these 2 puppies. To find forever homes for them, Brenda contacted Julia (Jules) Dezoete in Barrie who got word out via social media about a couple of dogs available for adoption. In the meantime, Nadia Peters in Moose Factory was also looking for homes for a litter of puppies. On Sept. 28, 2012, with the assistance of Pilots ‘n Paws, the dogs were brought south to Barrie and subsequently adopted out to friends and family. Although we didn’t know it at the time, that date has since been recognized as the official start of Finding Them Homes. Soon, Karen Metatawabin-Wesley from Fort Albany, another James Bay area community, contacted the group of friends to find solutions to the large population of stray dogs. The only available option till that time to manage the over-population of dogs was to conduct culls. Before long, Karen led volunteers into the woods and along river banks to rescue stray dogs and litters of puppies, and with the ongoing help of Pilots ‘n Paws, Ontario Northland Railway, and dedicated volunteer drivers, many rescued dogs found their way to Barrie. As the number of dogs increased, the nucleus of an organization began to take shape. Lisa, Julia’s twin sister, became heavily involved, especially after they nursed a sickly pup, Oakley, from the brink of death back to life. He subsequently became the mascot for Finding Them Homes (and is featured on the logo). As word spread of the plight of dogs and puppies in remote northern communities without access to veterinary care, donations to rescue and provide care for them started to come in. Toward the end of 2013 it was decided to add some structure to the ad hoc group and a board of directors was created to help manage the growing volume of work. In January 2014 it was decided to apply to the CRA for charitable status and this was granted in July 2014. Finding Them Homes is now well into its 4th year of operations but it could not have reached this point without the tireless efforts of its many volunteers. Board positions are also all volunteer. The only remuneration anyone receives is the satisfaction of seeing so many dogs rescued and placed in loving forever homes. Through the donations of countless supporters, funds have been raised to conduct veterinary clinics in a number of communities where dogs could be neutered/spayed and receive vaccinations. Communities in the James Bay areas that Finding Them Homes has been able to help have now become much safer with the reduction of roaming dogs. The success of these programs in the James Bay area has allowed Finding Them Homes to offer help to communities on Manitoulin Island as well as those north of Thunder Bay. Finding Them Homes is thankful to all these communities for extending a hand of friendship and helping to break down cultural barriers. Those of us who have been able to work closely with community members have appreciated the relationships that have been built as we work together for the good of the communities.
Valley Animal Rescue logo

Valley Animal Rescue

Renfrew, ON

Our Mission To act as an advocate for all animals ensuring their protection and well-being. To provide a place of sanctuary and protection for those animals who are abandoned, neglected, abused or otherwise in need. To work towards ending the suffering caused by pet overpopulation. To promote kindness, mercy, compassion and respect for all living creatures. In order to achieve these goals we provide the following services: Foster Program Adoption Program Manners and Socialization Classes for Dogs and Puppies Behavioural Assessment and Training Spay/Neuter Clinics Public Education Homes for the Unadoptable Animal Surrender We take a positive approach and strive to make a difference in the lives of the animals and people we serve. We are passionate in our efforts to promote the protection and well-being of all animals and to build a community with compassion and respect for all living things. About Our Charity Valley Animal Rescue is a Foster Home based animal rescue in Renfrew County. We have foster homes located throughout the Ottawa Valley. VAR is dedicated to saving animals and re-homing them into loving, forever homes. We are 100% volunteer run and all of our animals are cared for in the homes of our devoted foster families. Valley Animal Rescue relies solely on financial donations and fundraising to cover the expense of caring for the animals. Animals rescued in to our program mostly come from pounds in Renfrew County when their time is up and no one has claimed them. VAR keeps animals in their foster homes until a permanent home can be found. We take in all ages and foster them in our volunteer homes. Where necessary we rehabilitate the animals and find suitable adoptees so they can spend the rest of their lives as part of a loving family. We ensure that all of our animals are spayed or neutered before they leave our care.
Brooks Animal Protection Society logo

Brooks Animal Protection Society

Brooks, AB

The Brooks Animal Protection Society (BAPS) is a not-for-profit, charitable community-based and volunteer inspired organization serving Brooks and communities within the County of Newell. Incorporated in June of 1995 and registered as the Brooks & District S.P.C.A animal control consisted of the dog catcher and his wife, occasionally keeping animals in their home. Dogs and cats were being put down after only 4 days if they were not claimed. In 2000, a dedicated group of citizens formed a Board of Directors and the evolution of the shelter began. The City Pound was the old bike shelter and cats and dogs were crated in the same room, it was dirty with a mesh floor, smelly and unsanitary. Even though the housing wasn’t ideal, the animals had a roof over their heads, food and water and a group of Volunteers were caring for their needs. One of the local vets began having Saturday adoption days, fundraising events were planned, and public awareness became the focus. In 2001, 123 unclaimed dogs and cats were euthanized, so… once again working with the city, the SPCA took over animal control in February of 2002, having the innovation to become one of the few no-kill “city pounds” in Canada. In the fall of 2005, The Board approved the ending of the term S.P.C.A. and the Brooks Animal Protection Society was formed. BAPS was in desperate need of a larger facility and finally, after hours of hard work by the board and a great deal of community support, the City donated land, a building was found and a very generous donation enabled BAPS to build and make the move to our location on 1st Ave in June of 2006. Today BAPS continues to provide the most compassionate and effective means we can to create opportunity for animals and understanding in our community. We remain a no-kill facility, only hesitatingly choosing euthanasia if an animal has extreme health or behavioural issues and all other options have been exhausted. BAPS works closely with other Shelters and Rescues. If an animal has been at our shelter for too long or has a behavioural or health issue we can not work through, they are usually transferred to one of our “Friends in Rescue”.
Little Guy

Little Guy's Puppy Mil Rescue and Rehabilitation

Colorado Springs, CO

Little Guy’s Puppy Mill Rescue and Rehabilitation (LGPMRR) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) primarily volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing animals, primarily dogs under 15 lbs, that have been seized by law enforcement and other agents from puppy mills, backyard breeders, hoarding cases, and animal cruelty and neglect cases. Because the conditions from which animals are rescued are deplorable, the physical and emotional health of the animals may be severely compromised. Therefore, equal emphasis is placed on rehabilitation of the animals. Every member of the organization, including the adopter, is considered a rehabilitator in some fashion. We provide these animals with rehabilitative services until we can place them into their permanent homes and continue to partner with adopters for the life of the animal. We also serve as a resource to our community by providing information on the deleterious effects on breeding dogs in puppy mills and backyard breeding operations as well as those effects suffered under other forms of animal abuse and neglect. We also educate regarding the special concerns of pet ownership for these animals, including offering resources for positive behavior training, nutrition, and veterinary care. We believe that no animal should be mistreated and are working towards the day when no companion animal is used strictly for breeding purposes or is subject to cruelty or neglect.
Service Dogs of Distinction logo

Service Dogs of Distinction

Fayetteville, AR

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to train service dogs for veterans, no charge. We currently have 19 veterans on our roster, 18 of which have dogs. On occasion, our veterans bring their own dog that meets our qualifications for a service dog prospect. However, the majority of our veterans rely on our expertise to find a healthy young dog that will be a good match. We use exclusively shelter, rescue and donated dogs. We look for dogs that are 1-3 years old, altered, healthy, 50-80 pounds, with a list of desired attributes. We do not particularly care what the outside of a dog looks like, we care about it's heart and soul. We know that there are thousands of capable, trainable dogs already in the pet community and we think it's the ethical approach to utilize them. Our veterans must undergo a thorough vetting process before entering our program. Our program differs from most in that we pair dogs and veterans within 60-90 days, instead of the typical two year waiting period. How you ask? Because after putting basic obedience on the dogs, we match them with a veteran who then completes the training with the dog as a team. We do not believe that veterans suffering from chronic depression should sit on a wait list for two years and have found our approach very successful. After being paired with a dog, our veterans commit in writing to 12-14 months of weekly training. The training consists of operant conditioning, focusing on clicker training. Each team must go through periodic testing, before they ultimately graduate and go out on their own. They have no expenses except food and routine vet care once we have matched them with a dog. Our trainers are also available 24/7 to our veterans, during and after participation in the program. We are a family and are proud that our veterans allow us into their small circle of trust. We have seen an immeasurable difference in our veterans from the start of the program until graduation. Self confidence, love for their animal, less emotional mood swings, more social behavior, reduction in medication, trust in the process and improved life style overall are just a few of the benefits. We invite you to follow our day to day activities on FB at "Service Dogs of Distinction" or our website
Releash Atlanta logo

Releash Atlanta

Flowery Branch, GA

Releash Atlanta is a 501c3, not for profit, 100% volunteer run, GA Department of Agriculture licensed charitable organization that works tirelessly to save dogs from high kill shelters throughout the state of Georgia. We receive pleas for help around the clock, 7 days a week for desperate dogs in need of help. These dogs are often loving, happy family pets that end up behind bars through no fault of their own. We dedicate our lives and resources to saving these souls. We operate 100% on the donations we receive from the public, and every penny of those donations go directly to the dogs in our care, or to the ones that soon will be. We have no paid employees and never will, so you can donate knowing your gift is going to save a life, not to a salary! Once dogs are in our care, they are immediately rushed to a vet to be thoroughly examined, vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and ultimately treated for whatever ailments they present with. Once they're healthy, they head to their foster home where they hang out with our awesome foster families until a loving forever home is found! We save all breeds from Yorkies and Shih Tzus, Pit Bulls and Doberman Pinscers to mutts large and small! If a dog is in need, we are here to help and do as much as we can with the resources we have. We also assist families that want to adopt, but find going to a shelter sad, difficult or overwhelming, by using our shelter/rescue network and contacts to find the type of dog you request. You tell us what you want and we do the legwork. By providing this service and making adoption easier, we hope to place rescue dogs with families that would otherwise support breeders or petstores. We stand ready to help the community find a companion that will thrive as a part of their family. We are here to assist them as well as our rescue partners in every way possible throughout the adoption process and will continue to be a resource after they have welcomed their new family member. We strive to make Atlanta a better place for our homeless pets, our rescue partners and shelters as well as all of the loving, adoptive homes out there! Please consider joining our team as a foster family!!
Colonial Capital Humane Society logo

Colonial Capital Humane Society

New Bern, NC

Colonial Capital Humane Society is the only no kill shelter in our area. We are 100% volunteer based and could not function without the amazing support from our community. We keep the animals that we take in until they get adopted into their new homes. We do work with other organizations to assist in placement of animals with special needs or difficult cases. All of our animals are spayed/neutered, kept up to date on all vaccines, and the dogs receive heartworm preventative. The animals in our care receive any vet care they need including that which is not routine. We could not achieve this without the generous donations received from our public. During hurricane Florence, we opened up a temporary location at a closed veterinary facility to rescue more animals that were left abandoned in flood zones, as well as to assist our local county shelter due to their facility flooding and the animals needing emergency placement. This temporary site is still functioning until these animals are adopted or room opens up at our original site for transfer. We also have several animals lucky enough to be in foster care with some amazing volunteers. We closely screen potential adopters for consideration. Our animals go to homes of applicants who provide a veterinary reference and that reference shows regular routine care including altering, vaccines, and heartworm preventative. Craven County is among the highest percentage of animals euthanized at the county shelter. Part of our mission involves our volunteers to assist in educating our community to reduce the unwanted animal population in our area. We have a very active Facebook page with over 6,000 members. We utilize social media, as well as our website, to promote our animals and to advertise adoption events.

DunRoamin' Stray and Rescue

Riverbank, NB

This website is dedicated to the volunteers and supporters who consistently go above and beyond to help abandoned, abused, neglected, sick and injured strays in our communities.  This includes donors, fund raisers, litter scoopers, vet staff, drivers, cuddlers and many others who routinely give freely of their time, abilities and resources to help those animals less fortunate.  We'd also like to dedicate this new site to Susan and Lauren Crompton, the originators of DunRoamin's first official website,, which was instrumental in bringing DunRoamin' to the attention of others and helping to educate and pass on our message of the requirement for spaying and neutering our pets so that they do not contribute to the already overwhelming number of homeless animals.  Our message is the same – “Be kind to God's creatures.”     Our Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am - 5 pm Sunday By appointment 55 Allison Road Riverbank, NB E7L 4J1 (Basement Entrance) (506) 328-3380 to leave a message Click here for directions "DunRoamin'" means just that:  our strays are all done roaming, are safe at last and will finally receive the medical care, attention and the family they deserve. DunRoamin's mandate is to help those strays who have no one to care for them - the ones who are abandoned, abused, injured, neglected and have no other alternative for life. We cannot accept healthy animals, as we would very quickly have no room for the ones who truly need us - the ones who would most likely "fall through the cracks" of our current system. We focus on three main aspects: Rescue:  helping those strays who are injured, neglected, sick, etc and have no one to care for them. We also try to help those who are too sick, too injured or too young to survive in a normal shelter setting; Treatment:  providing food, medication, surgery, etc to all rescued animals as required. This also includes helping them to find foster and permanent homes, and ensuring they have the life they deserve which is safe, secure and free of fear; and Education:  we endeavour to set an inspiring example. We believe animals are deserving of our care and respect. Through our responsible guardianship of the pet, by ensuring they are spayed or neutered, by providing briefings, handouts, flyers, newspaper articles, etc, we try to encourage people to treat all animals with compassion and respect. Our main target group is the younger generation so that they will do better by animals, as hopefully we have improved upon their treatment through the advancements since our parents' and grandparents' generations. "TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE"
Nevada Humane Society logo

Nevada Humane Society

Reno, NV

Nevada Humane Society (NHS) is a charitable, non-profit organization and the only open-admission, no-kill shelter in the state of Nevada. Incorporated in 1932, it was originally created to address the suffering of local stray animals. In 2007, our Board of Directors changed the mission of the organization to one of lifesaving, promoting animal welfare while finding homes and providing care for homeless pets in Northern Nevada. In 2014, NHS expanded to include Carson City. In October 2016, we moved into a brand new shelter in Carson City, which will increase the number of lives saved in Northern Nevada. It’s an exciting time for homeless pets and animal lovers, as more than 100,000 animals have been placed into loving homes since our lifesaving mission began in 2007, and we are only continuing to grow. We accomplish our lifesaving by providing quality care and finding homes for homeless pets while offering a variety of programs to benefit the public and animals. We are dependent upon donations and do not receive funding from government agencies or national animal welfare groups. Thanks to the amazing support of the community and the hard work of our Board of Directors, dedicated staff, volunteers and partners, we have achieved dramatic results. In 2012, Washoe County was highlighted by Maddie’s Fund, honored with the Community Lifesaving Award and named one of the safest communities in the country for homeless pets, with a 95% lifesaving rate.

Zoe's Animal Rescue Society

Edmonton, AB

Our mission at Zoe’s Animal Rescue is to make positive changes in the lives of pets, families and communities in need. We strive to save one animal at a time, we at Zoe’s have learned that “saving one animal does change the world for the better, not just for the animal itself but has ripple effects for good through the lives of the people around it” The core of our mission is fulfilled through a unique five-pronged service approach in collaboration with our partner communities: Spay Neuter Return (SaNeR) Program The heart of our rescue is our Spay Neuter Return (SaNeR) Program. We provide free spay and neuter to animals in our partner communities where income and availability of vet services are a barrier. We have seen an incredible decrease in the population of unwanted animals in our partner communities through this program. Support People and Animals in Marginalized Communities We work to keep animals in their homes and out of rescues. We do our best to support the needs of people and animals in marginalized communities in whatever way possible. We can provide free veterinary care, with mandatory spay or neuter, as we are striving to prevent unwanted litters and promote overall animal health. We also build shelters, and bring food and supplies to the animals. Education for Children and Communities We provide education in our partner communities, school presentations, one-on-one conversations, and ongoing support. We believe that education makes a key difference in the treatment and care of animals, as well as the safety of children and communities. Adoption Program When animals must be rehomed, we place them with loving foster families. Our animals are provided with medical care (which includes a mandatory spay or neuter) and behavioral support so that they are ready for their forever family. Our goal is to place the right animal with the right person to ensure a successful adoption. We also are committed to Force Free Handling and are members of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. We are passionate about ensuring all animals are handled in a compassionate and force free manner in all areas of their lives including training, vet services, and grooming.
Underdog animal rescue logo

Underdog animal rescue

Vallejo, CA

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and help the voiceless dogs who need nothing more than a chance. Our shelters are overcrowded which often results in euthanasia for no fault of their own, but the kennel space. We are 100% foster based and volunteer ran organization that relies on the community support to continue these efforts for many years to come. We currently rescue over 300 dogs a year from all sorts of situations such as abuse, people moving out of state, death in the family, suffering from long-term medical conditions or above their means of treating, kennel stress and the list goes on. Once a dog is in our care, we focus on treating any medical needs, spay and neuter, making them ready for adoption through structure, love and the in-home experience with their foster family. The average dog cost over $300 to treat before becoming available for adoption. Because we are foster based we also have to supply all types of materials such as dog food, dog crates, medicine, toys and anything else that will allow them to feel safe and at home. We are very proactive with fundraising, community education to ensure financially we can continue. We do believe education is key for the public and the youth, they are our future. Simple things, like spay and neuter, will reduce the population and one day allow for a no kill nation. We rescue all types of dogs; big, small, old, young, scruffy, 3 legged and even ugly. All breeds are welcome and need help.
Hands to Paws, Inc. logo

Hands to Paws, Inc.


Hands to Paws (HTP) -small grassroots animal rescue began fall of 2015. Non-profit status (501c3) Jan. 2016; incorporation Sept. 2016. Initial Georgia animal rescue licensing was obtained Nov. 2016 w/most recent renewal Nov. 2019 (licensed for 40 animals). Began as an alliance of animal advocates frustrated w/ increased cases of abandonment, neglect & abuse in Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). Other rescues only began to scratch surface issues facing animals in area. Many rescues also possessed very restrictive animal intake requirements due to transportation to northern states. Adoptable animals (dogs specifically) turned away as not appropriate for transport: breed restrictions, age restrictions (puppies received preference) & behavioral criteria (too fearful/reactive). These animals often ended up at kill shelters for euthanasia. Rehabilitation requires more intensive time/financial obligation, but we felt these animals deserved our time, attention, and money. Our mission: To initiate/support programs that extend/elevate standards of compassionate care for companion animals in CSRA: providing educational programs, direct care/cooperative efforts in increasing access to low-cost spay/neuter, rescue, fostering/adoption of animals in need. Goals 1) Protect welfare of neglected, abandoned, & abused animals. by providing care/shelter. 2)Prevent future unwanted pets & atrocities faced by promoting/sponsoring spay/neuter in the community. 3)Secure adoptive/foster homes for pets in area to promote quality of life. 4)Increase community awareness of ethical treatment of animals & necessity for vaccinations, sterilization & prevention of conditions such as heartworm disease.
Animal Rescue & K9 Charities Inc logo

Animal Rescue & K9 Charities Inc

Brookfield, CT

Who is ARK Charities: Animal Rescue & K9 Charities, Inc (ARK Charities) dba: Redemption Rescue is a Connecticut based dog rescue and service dog training organization. We are a recognized 501c3 Non-profit (obtained in 2017) with roots in rescue since being established in 2012. Our goal is to operate a unique, self-sustaining animal welfare program that will truly make an impact “saving animals in need and helping the people that love and need them”. We have predominantly in the past focused on the German Shepherd breed, but we have expanded to helping other breeds in need if the situation fits our adopters. What makes us unique is that we often take requests for dogs with specific traits and characteristics and scour the country looking for the perfect dogs to match our adopters wishes. These dogs are rescued from around the country, but mostly from California and Texas, the two states almost tied for the highest kill states in the US (more than double the third-place state -North Carolina). Our efforts have saved many dogs from Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, and Virginia – just to name a few. ARK Charities is a foster based rescue, and approximately 1,000 animals have passed through our home over the past eight years. These animals are transport to safety to our rescue, where there is a demand for the dogs to be adopted. We are based in Fairfield CT, and are a 100% volunteer organization, committed to rescuing displaced, neglected or unwanted all breed dogs from death-row at high-kill shelters and unfit homes across the country: rehabilitating them with proper medical care, nutritional, behavioral and socialization, to enable them to thrive and re home them into responsible, safe and caring homes, where they’ll be loved family members. Our Passions Rescuing & matching our rescued dogs with their perfect family. Working cooperatively with like-minded quality rescues to maximize the number of dogs brought in to rescue and placed in to loving forever homes. Sharing our expertise with partnering rescues assisting with the logistics of pulling, vetting, boarding transporting and fundraising efforts to enable them to facilitate the rescue and re-homing of remotely located dogs To actively participate in community outreach events, dog training and education and promotion of responsible pet ownership and pet population control. To spearhead the use of rescue dogs and retired military war dogs in programs designed to provide individuals in need of Service or Therapy dogs. Whether children with Autism, cancer victims, former military veterans or victims of traumatic circumstances that result in Post-Traumatic Stress, no dogs are better suited to provide compassionate support then a rescue dog.
Walk Me Home Rescue Group logo

Walk Me Home Rescue Group

South Pasadena, CA

We are an all-volunteer, foster only based organization that dedicates our lives & resources to rescuing dogs in dire situations. WMHRG has been committed to the philosophy of people helping animals and animals helping people. As the devastation overpowers the reality of adoptability, it's more difficult to place senior dogs into forever homes than any other homeless dog within shelter facilities. We pride ourselves on knowing that we are one of few rescues that will not turn away dogs due to age or illness. Our organization is focusing on helping those senior, abandoned, abused & neglected pups from the local shelters where they would most likely be euthanized due to their lower perceived appeal for adoption and high medical care. We believe our organization impacts the community through education and community therapeutic programs for humans and pups. We serve the community & through our unique rescue efforts we help young and old to appreciate the serene companionship a senior or rehabilitated dog has to offer. Providing comprehensive veterinary care, including procedures such as dentistry, bloodwork, etc. to senior dogs represent a cost obstacle to rescue organizations, but we believe these often-overlooked dogs deserve a second chance in life and to feel love, warmth and companionship from a family regardless of their medical requirements. Walk Me Home Rescue Group has helped heal and home over 400 dogs and counting. Since all our dogs are housed in foster homes our numbers fluctuate typically from 10-25 dogs within the rescue at a time.
Where The Wild Things Are Rescue logo

Where The Wild Things Are Rescue

Grovetown, GA

Where the Wild Things Are Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue, who utilizes fosters and volunteers to rehabilitate and find forever families for sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from the south and beyond. Founded in Augusta, GA in 2020. We rescue the lost, the abused, the neglected and abandoned with a specialty in handling guardian breeds (Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Shepard’s and beyond…) however, we hold no preference towards who we rescue and provide a safe haven for all breeds. Our mission is to save all Wild Things in need! When we commit to rescuing a dog, we make sure the dog is well cared for and properly vetted. We spay/neuter, vaccinate, test for heart-worm, provide flea and heart-worm preventative, and deworm at our experienced veterinary partner locations. We treat illnesses before adoption, most often heart-worm, but have also treated PARVO and distemper, and provided for necessary surgeries for dogs with serious injuries. The dogs stay in local fosters or boarding for at least 2 weeks or until they are healthy enough to travel. On top of rescuing we educate and encourage our community to be a responsible pet guardian by promoting and supporting the spaying and neutering of your fur kids to help stop the spread of further lost or abandoned wild things throughout the CSRA area. When a Wild Thing is rescued, they immediately go into foster homes where they get training and experience living in a home environment before adoption. That means they are taken into a home and get to live among a family and their pets to be socialized safely. Some of the lucky ones even get adopted upon arrival! We want all our dogs to be in the best possible adoptive home, so we are diligent in finding the right match. Our thorough process includes personal references, a veterinary references, a home visit and annual follow up. As an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization, all of our resources go directly to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing our Wild Things. It takes a lot of resources, money, time, space, and brainpower to rescue responsibly and we can use all the help we can get. It takes a loving community of dedicated people to save these deserving dogs and we welcome your help. Our 501(c)(3) number is 85-1418383
K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc. logo

K9 Enrichment Initiative, Inc.

Plainfield, IL

K9 Enrichment Initiative was founded and is managed by Cynthia Guzman. The objectives of K9EI Rescue remain the same today as when the organization began 5 years ago. Rescue. Advocate.Community.Education are the 4 pillars of the group. We rescue dogs from kill shelters in areas where no other rescue is coming for them. Dogs with heartworm and/or major medical issues, as well as behavior. We have rescues dog from Chicago Animal Care and Control all the way down to small pounds in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri. Our goal is to place well-mannered and healthy dogs into homes where they will continue to flourish and live out their lifetimes. All dogs under the age of 1 must attend training with their new family to be adopted as well as those dogs with behavior issues due to no training prior. We support our community by maintaining a food pantry for those in need of food whether a family, rescue or shelter. We host meet and greets with our ambassador dogs among our adoptable to teach young children the proper way to approach a dog and proper etiquette when interacting with dogs. We raise our voices loudly in support of ending puppy mills by eliminating the need, which requires politicians to ban the sale of puppies at retail stores. We encourage our supporters, volunteers, and adopters to contact their state representatives and let it be known, animals are not products to profit from. We provide support for the rural rescues we partner with to save dogs by providing supplies, education, and aid to improve their pounds/shelters for the well-being of the dogs in their care.